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A Wedding for All Seasons in Israel

Whether you dream of a romantic beach wedding as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, or an indoor wedding overlooking the Old City in Jerusalem, Israel offers a choice of unique and exotic opportunities for your special day. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, the land of Israel is home to beautiful locations, romantic settings and unforgettable experiences, and each season enables you to add a unique, spiritual dimension to your dream wedding in Israel.


Israel is known globally for its hot and humid summers which are from June to September. The long, warm days and tropical evenings provide the perfect backdrop for a summer wedding. One of the most popular locations to mark the start of your journey with your loved one, is one of the many beaches located along the Israeli coastline. You can choose to have your ceremony barefoot and next to the waves or at an indoor venue with your chuppah overlooking the infinite, majestic waters.

If you are a nature lover, you can consider a romantic wedding by a lake, or in one of Israel’s finest vineyards; the options are endless, from the Galilee to the Dead Sea. If tradition is your desire, Israel offers access to many beautiful synagogues that will enable you to experience the true customs of Jewish life.

To complete your summer wedding, serve your guests an exquisite Middle Eastern meal starting with roasted pita bread, yogurt cups with mint and grapes, and kebabs with tahini followed by a delicious main meal of grilled fish and lamb chops. Compliment your meal with a wide choice of Israeli summer fruits, halva chunks and aromatic coffee.


As we leave the summer months behind us, Israel turns into a kaleidoscope of brilliant autumn hues in October. The cooler weather and falling leaves, provide the perfect backdrop for a rustic autumn wedding. Expand your theme by getting married in the beautiful Ramot Menashe kibbutz, which is perfectly located between the Jezreel Valley and the Carmel mountain range. Israel is also home to beautifully maintained botanical gardens and parks. For a once in a lifetime experience, you can also opt for a wedding in an open field, which will allow you to let your imagination run wild as you create the ultimate romantic setting.

Surround yourself with your friends and family and enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of white cliffs at Rosh Hanikra, the furthest north point of Israel’s coastline in the Western Galilee region. Create your perfect love story where the sea and mountains meet.

Serve your guests in style with starters of mini tapas, antipasti and Moroccan panera bread seasoned with sea salt. Dine on aromatic salmon served on a creamy Jerusalem artichoke with roasted almond oil, or mouth-watering aged ribs roasted alongside traditional autumn vegetables. Complete your ideal autumn Israeli wedding with rich Belgian chocolate layers topped with caramel and almond leaves.



Winter in Israel is from November to March, but sunny days are still plentiful during Israeli winters, providing ideal wedding opportunities. Expand your horizons and experience a true desert wedding where you will be surrounded by high mountains, deep, cool streams and endless open spaces. From Masada, the Dead Sea or Mitze Ramon, you are not spoilt for choice when it comes to creating the perfect desert winter wedding.

If you prefer to be indoors and to take advantage of intimate settings, you can consider venues or restaurants located in Old Jaffa, Caesarea, Tel Aviv or even a contemporary restaurant located in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Warm your guests’ hearts with delectable mini tarts filled with spinach or sweet potato or goose breasts stuffed with juicy plums and caramel oranges. For the main course, you can indulge in a choice of roast beef, entrecote, or chicken steaks perfectly charcoal grilled with onion jam. End your winter wonderland wedding on a sweet note with nougat and crackers, tart Tatin served with roasted chestnuts and cinnamon, accompanied by an espresso bar.



From April to May, Israel’s spring months provide the perfect blend of blooming settings and cool breezes. Select a private villa to create the ultimate intimate spring wedding for your family and close friends, or consider a Bohemian spring wedding under the stars.

You can stage your spring wedding among the ancient Roman ruins in Caesarea, or in Zedekiah’s Cave under the Old City walls of Jerusalem. If you want to feel the magic of nature, you can consider a wedding in the historic Hulda Forest located in central Israel, decorated with twinkling lights in the trees and straw mats on the bare ground.

Surrounded by nature and the sounds of spring, dine on chicken breast starters served with mango salsa or tomato crostini with Kalamata olives and fresh oregano. For the main meal, satisfy your hunger with salmon fillet steamed with lemons, wine and root vegetables or beef fillet medallions with berry sauce. Complete your spring dream with Pavlova, lemon and berries, or mocha jelly with caramel and almond sauce.

No matter the time of the year, getting married in Israel is for all seasons. Come make your wedding dreams a reality in the Holy Land.