Celebrating Your Marriage in Israel? What You Need To Know

For many couples that live in the US, celebrating their marriage in Israel is nothing short of a dream come true. Besides the deep traditional ties and religious roots that some couples have with the country, there is an intangible magical quality of this country that attracts people from all over the world to tie the knot here instead of in the comfort and convenience of their home countries. If you are planning to hold your nuptials in Israel, here are a few tips that will not only make it cheaper and less stressful but will also offer you, your guests, and your family an experience they will cherish throughout their lives.

You’ll Need Some Help

Your journey toward marriage in Israel begins long before you actually arrive in the country; as a matter of fact, there are so many preparations and details needed, that it is nearly impossible to pull it off without the help of an experienced planner or event team. Whoever you choose will be involved in almost all aspects of your travel and event planning; including booking flights, taking care of accommodations for your wedding party, choosing and booking a venue, defining a wedding day concept or theme and advising on the weather, photographer, food, and activities, among other operational tasks.

Use an Experienced Planner That You Can Easily Relate To

Once you decide to use an event planner, it is important to select somebody that you have good chemistry with. They should make you feel that everything is under control. This is important since they will be closely connected with you and your loved ones throughout the entire process. In addition, an understanding of the differences in mentality between Israelis and people from abroad is crucial to the success of your wedding. You, therefore, need local expertise from someone who will secure deals with vendors and go over any required contracts with you in your own language. Most importantly, choose an event planner that listens to your vision for your magical day and helps you to make this dream a reality.

Design an Israeli Experience That Is More than the Wedding Ceremony

Preparing a timeline of events that lead up to your big day is vital for your guests to feel welcomed. It also gives them a complete Israeli experience which goes well beyond the event, such as a week-long plan that combines the ceremony with a spa experience, sightseeing trips, nights out around the city and shopping excursions. Travel to Israel well in advance of your wedding day to give ample time to settle in and take part in the many exciting activities on offer and to take in the atmosphere and magic of the Holy Land.


There can be little doubt that selecting Israel as your wedding destination of choice is one of the best decisions you can make. However, you should note that your dream marriage in Israel can quickly turn into a nightmare if not taken care of by the right people. Remember to always keep an open mind with regard to wedding concepts and out-of-the-box ideas that your planner may suggest. While there is the possibility of ‘last minute’ adjustments to your plans, they can be significantly reduced with the help of the right professionals.