wedding in israel

How to Plan a Wedding in Israel

With so many romantic, unique and traditional venues, Israel is the ultimate wedding destination. This 10-month wedding planner will provide you with some insight into how to make your wedding dreams a reality in the Holy Land.

Month 01 – Time to Plan

With all the excitement of your engagement behind you, it is now time to start planning your dream wedding in Israel. The first step is settling on your budget as this will play an important role in determining the number of people you can invite as well as the venue you select. Also, it is important to decide on the potential date of your special wedding day.

Month 02 – Wedding Planner

There are many benefits to working with a professional wedding planner in Israel. This will allow you to focus on yourself and your loved one, as the wedding planner brings your vision to life. Hire a planner that speaks your native language and one that understands your style, personality and taste. Take the time to also start looking for the perfect wedding dress.

Month 03 – Location Location

Now it is time to find the perfect location for your wedding celebration. Your wedding planner will show you a variety of options that meet your vision. This could be a beautiful beach setting, a romantic desert setting, an upmarket restaurant or a private villa. The options are limitless in Israel. Once you have chosen the wedding venue, it is important to finalize the date of your big day. You can now send a SAVE THE DATE reminder to your family and friends.

Month 04 – Create a Theme

Do you want to get married in a traditional setting, or do you have your heart set on getting married out in nature? Working closely with your wedding planner, you will create a theme for your wedding. This theme will then be carried throughout your wedding ceremony and reception to create a holistic experience. This will include the decor, catering, photographer, and any extras you would like to include.

Month 05 – The Perfect Match

To create the perfect wedding, you need a team of subcontractors working together and paying attention to every little detail. Your wedding planner will recommend the best subcontractors in Israel based on your requirements. This might include a DJ, band, catering company, decorator and more. It is also time to start designing your wedding invitation.

Month 06 – Visit the Holy Land

If you are not based in Israel, it is recommended to now visit the country and to meet with your wedding planner face to face. Your planner will give you the opportunity to visit the wedding venue and to meet the photographer, the florist, to taste the food and to finalize all the little details to create the perfect wedding in Israel.

Month 07 – Creating Perfection

The wedding planner will now start putting the final touches on the wedding preparations. This will include meeting with the subcontractors at the venue and creating a final technical specification document to ensure that every detail has been covered. It is now also time to send out your wedding invitations to family and friends. Now go out and have some fun as you celebrate at your Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

Month 08 – The Guests

Weddings are all about sharing your special day with loved ones. It is time to finalize the seating arrangements for the reception and to finalize the number of guests that will attend your special wedding day in Israel.

Month 09 – The Final Touch

As you arrive in Israel, in preparation for your dream wedding, the wedding planner will work closely with you to fine-tune and finalize all the details. You will also get the opportunity to have a hair and make-up trial so that you will look glamorous on your big day. If friends and family have come from overseas and are arriving in Israel, why not use this opportunity to do some sightseeing in the many magnificent and historical sites located around the country.

Month 10 – The Big Day

Your big day has finally arrived, congratulations! Your wedding planner will be on-site during your special day to ensure that everything runs according to plan. Enjoy every minute of your special day and cherish the memories for a lifetime