Bar Mitzvah tours to Israel

Marriage in Israel

Marriage in Israel is a unique opportunity to combine the intimate and the personal life with tradition and history of the Land of Israel. The landscapes of the country contain ancient secrets about a distant past, which continues to affect our lives in the present, therefore this is the ideal place for marriage. Wedding in Israel is your chance to start a new life together by connecting to the history of the holy land.

Planning the wedding requires, first of all, finding the right location that will fit your event in the perfect way. Here we come in with our professional staff, which has the extensive and in-depth knowledge, which can help you find the venue for your wedding day.


Marriage in Israel: Stein Shani go with you all along the way

A wedding in Israel is a significant event, connecting you to a tradition of thousands of years. Stein Shani is accompanying you all along the way. Together we will organize a wedding that would reflect the unique nature of your commitment to each other. Marriage in Israel is a journey, in which we are here to assist you in along every step of the way. With great patience and a special passion for our profession, we guarantee that you would get the very best for your wedding day. Everything must be perfect, and every detail is of paramount importance.


 Capturing the Small Moments of Life

The covenant of marriage is the meeting point between two people who have decided to share their lives with each other. Together we can integrate all the magical moments in your lives into the delicate texture of the wedding in one of the beautiful landscapes of Israel.  Connecting between the historical traditions and your wedding is a work of art, and we are here to help you in merging the various parts into one glories event.