Planning an event in a COVID safe world!

As COVID ruined social schedules for the past year, the Ink & Co team is full speed ahead planning memorable and safe events to make up for lost time. A positive of the pandemic is that our team had some time to consider how to take your parties to the next level; as events come back to life, we are preparing productions for our clients that are exciting and creating environments that help each guest enjoy themselves safely.

Here are 3 ways to adapt your event to be safe in the wake of COVID 19:

  • Have Your Event Outside:

Israel provides the most beautiful scenery for any wedding, trip or event. Not only is an outdoor event especially COVID safe, hosting an event outdoors really adds special elements and brings the celebration to life. For example, modern Israeli farmlands are rich with fig trees, olives and green space and make for the most beautiful rural weddings. Outdoor venues can become a relaxing oasis for the couple and guests on the wedding day. Though, this is just the beginning of the possibilities that you can do when you partner with us. We challenge ourselves to think outside the box when it comes to outdoor event spaces: we send employees glamping in the desert on company incentive trips, celebrate promotions on rooftops, honor Bar Mitzvahs at the beach and help couples see the stars as the night ends with their guests. Encouraging your guests to breathe fresh air while they hangout with one another in a fun, creative and unique way, is our mission during times like these. Bringing your visions to life by taking all precautions and thinking past the limits.


  • Covid Tests at The Door:

It is important when putting on an event to be confident that those coming into your event are being as safe as you are and keep track of who was present. This means making sure each guest has had their vaccines, are covid free, and have no health risks. We can ensure this by checking temperatures at the door, as well as providing rapid covid tests with results on the spot. These extra measures are easy to implement. Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice feeling safe and healthy at your events!


  • Safe Dining Experience:

You can also alter the dining experience at your event to meet the safest standards. Having separate food stations served to you reduces guests’ contact with the food that everyone is consuming. It also minimizes waiting in lines with a lot of people. Pre-portioned food is also good for quick and safe serving. Having the wait staff be in charge of the serving of the food will make sure that the food is getting to you safely by coming in contact with as few people as possible.

We know our work is especially important this year because of the social and emotional toll the pandemic took on us all. Our experienced creative team is excited to help our clients celebrate the missed and upcoming milestones, from birthdays and weddings to corporate and private events. Working with our various venues, caterers and florists, we can take full advantage of everything Israel can offer to the post-covid planning and production.


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