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Summer Weddings in Israel

Mazel Tov, you are getting married!

Israel is perhaps one of the best countries in the world for people of all faiths to marry their beloved ones, if not the best.  Not only do you have an infinite choice of modern and ancient venues to unite with your soon-to-be spouse, but because you have chosen to marry in summer, you will also be saved a lot of hassle that otherwise can’t be avoided in off-season months, such as December or January. Did we also mention the excellent food that is available in this dynamic and exotic land?

According to recent statistics, over 70% of weddings in Israel take place in summer. In order to understand why summer is such a hotbed of commitment vows, we will explore some of the most important advantages of marrying in the Holy Land during this magical season.

Infinite Choice of Venues

Summer is most definitely the busiest period of the year in terms of wedding planning. Photographers, videographers, dressmakers, wedding planners, and not to mention venues, are quite busy during this period. For this reason, it is important that you start planning and book at least a year in advance; we advise strongly against doing it in the eleventh hour.

If you do organize everything in advance, not only will you be able to book the venue of your dreams, but the actual prices will be more than affordable. A significant advantage in direct contrast with marrying in off-season months (especially winter months) is that you can choose between both outdoor and indoor venues, provided that proper air-conditioning is ensured for the latter. You don’t want your guests to swelter in the heat, do you?

Great Weather

Building upon the previous argument, it goes without saying that summer in Israel is hands-down the best season in terms of weather conditions.  With temperatures ranging from 15-25 degrees Celsius in June and 25-35 degrees Celsius in July-August, you can rest assured that your guests won’t risk dithering in the cold. It’s true that winters in Israel are generally mild, but there is quite a difference between 15 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius, wouldn’t you agree? In addition, the great weather conditions give you the flexibility to create the wedding of your dreams in unique locations, such as the beach front or a mystical forest.

More People Can Attend the Wedding

People always go on vacation in summer. If you want to share this special moment with as many people as you can, then summer is your choice. In winter, your family and friends will most likely have to come up with excuses to take a few days off work, and their bosses won’t always be glad to oblige. However, nobody will be pressed for time in summer making it the perfect time for you to share your magical milestone with family and friends.

Great(er) Food

Indeed, this is no longer the 1960s, when certain foods were specific to certain seasons. However, we believe that food tastes much better in summer. Perhaps it’s the more pleasant weather?

Whatever it may be, your guests can indulge in a wide variety of foods, ranging from hors d’oeuvres, such as baba ghanouj, burekas or falafel, to main dishes, such as Moroccan fish or the very popular meat cholent. Follow your delicious meal with a choice of fruits and sorbet ice cream as you dance the night away under the stars.

Summers in Israel are special and getting married in this beautiful land over this season will help you to create memories that will last a lifetime!