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THE WINTER WEDDING IN ISRAEL - redefining “White wedding” 

PINCH ME. Is this for real? getting married in Israel rocks!

Yes – it is 100% for real; no you’re not dreaming. If you’re imagining an entrancing winter wedding in Israel, the perfect day flooded with love, style, swag, inspiration, energy and every detail intricately tailored to your needs, welcome – and have a seat, Mr. and Mrs. This’ll be your final stop. Welcome to winter weddings in Israel, where magic starts and never ends.

Turn your winter wedding dreams into reality with a touch of the Israel’s captivating mystique, chic and an absolutely customized wedding plan that’s all yours. You call the shots while we ensure your wish is our command. So the next set of shot’s you’ll be calling will be for Grey Goose and a grand l’chaim or cheers echoing amongst loved ones on your special day.

We love and respect tradition, but this time we’re taking the concept of the conventional white wedding and redefining it. Think white sand – (not necessarily snow, though it can be done), sun-kissed mornings, fairytale sunsets, the Mediterranean sea amidst a breath of modern, tech savvy brilliance that meets history’s finest, all in one incredible piece of land.  In the startup nation of new meets old, with everything a wedding planner and couple could need or want at their fingertips, no winter wedding dream is too big, bold or impossible.

What’s Israel Got to Do With It? Everything.

With vibrant Tel Aviv’s funky and cutting edge style, the Galilee to the northern valley’s lush greenery, and off to Mount Hermon’s stunning snowcaps – (yes, we said snow – as it does make a rare appearance in singled-out spots), historical Jerusalem’s powerful essence and symbolism, Masada’s sublime and sandy views, and all the way to Caesarea’s antiquities and stunning seaside horizons, you can have the winter wedding of your wildest dreams in the holiest land on earth. And what’s more convenient than enjoying the holiday season with a winter wedding planned your way for exceptional value, service and a truly unforgettable experience? Not much.

A winter wedding in Israel is truly an ideal option that’s bringing in crowds of couples from all over the world to get hitched without compromising commitments at home during peak work times. Take a load off, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, because a winter wedding in Israel is truly an adventure to look forward to.

What’s the catch? Nothing.

There isn’t one – seriously. On the contrary, the value and service you get for planning a winter wedding in Israel is remarkable, as while the sun’s shining in this part of the world, it’s still off-season in local event production companies’ and service providers’ business calendars. With Israeli winter weddings offering everything and anything a bride and groom could want for high value and fair prices, enjoy exquisite settings, wedding venues in Israel, décor, DJs, dancers, top live music, amazing food (and when we say amazing, we mean mouthwatering, outstanding cuisine), awesome bar service, and pretty much any and everything you could want. Create your quality event that offers maximal value, and join couples everywhere planning their winter wedding in Israel for endless benefits and perks.

Hello Holy Land – goodBye Wedding worries

Winter weddings in Israel are magical, with local weather being quite mild, and only a handful of rainy days from December to February.  Winter in Israel is truly an ideal time to share such a special occasion with family and friends; summers can be brilliantly sunny, but do require a finely tuned balance between comfort and class, enclosures, and arrangements. But with the holy land’s soothing winter climate, outstanding prices and value, and breathtaking sites, venues, impeccable cuisine, and brilliant creativity, Israel is truly the perfect winter destination wedding location. While meeting with your wedding planner to share your vision for the perfect wedding in Israel offers an informative and insightful glimpse of having your fantasy winter wedding, let’s get you prepped and psyched for your special moment now. Can’t wait? Neither can we. So let’s discover some of the noteworthy benefits that bring endless soon-to-be brides and grooms to Israel every winter for their big day.

Cover your bases: the flexibility of Winter Weddings in Israel

With the majority of weddings taking place in the summer, getting married in winter offers extensive venue availability and leveraged capacity for negotiating packages and pricing for every element of the event: location, venue, entertainment, catering and dining and much more.

While a beach wedding might be off the cards, the range of romantic, chic, fresh and innovative venue options in Israel is vast. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a quaint restaurant in the hub of Jerusalem’s wining and dining districts, or a modern loft in Tel Aviv, a hotel ballroom in the heart of Jaffa, a mystical forest or garden setting, or a sophisticated villa in Caesarea, there are endless options that can make your winter wedding a stunning occasion.

You can enjoy much more than greater availability of popular venues and lower pricing during the winter months, as timing plays its role in destination weddings, and with winter holidays offering more flexibility, your bases are covered when getting hitched in Israel during the winter.   We’ll also point out that there is no lack of talent in this Israeli hub of brilliant and creative minds, artists and entrepreneurs, and with winter wedding planning in Israel, you’re logically increasing chances of  pinning down that

perfect  photographer, videographer, wedding planner, or even dressmaker, since it’s off-season and they’re simply not as busy. The country’s finest finds and vendors are often booked months in advance, especially for summer events. Winter weddings in Israel mean you really can have your cake and eat too, as with value and versatility all yours, two cakes can be better than one. Infinite options are available to you to create the wedding you want, with fabulous weather, environments and a look and feel to your event that’ll keep you and everyone buzzing about your big day for years.



Since winter’s technically off-season in the event production sector, you’re likely to find some pretty sweet deals when shopping around and scoping out your wedding’s A-team of service providers and suppliers. A professional wedding planner will steer you in the right direction and offer true industry expert insights and first class access to their hand-picked selection of vendors and service providers. In Israel, that’s a huge leg up when planning a wedding, regardless of the season. A skilled wedding planner that’s in tune with your vibe, vision and listens astutely can provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the best of the Israeli wedding industry for better value and better prices.


As the bride, you’ve probably had your heart set on being in the wedding gown of your dreams on your special day. A winter wedding in Israel gives you the flexibility to choose any style of dress, with local and international designers selling and renting a plethora of looks.  Our pleasant winter weather is makeup and hair friendly, so staying your perfect self throughout the celebration is easy as pie – or wedding cake, actually! Humidity levels reach intense highs during the summer months, often limiting a bride’s hair and makeup options. And, let’s not even get into the ‘frizz’ effect that conquers the locks of endless brides in the summer months. All in all, winter’s a pretty sweet time to be a bride in Israel, with the beautiful bridal look of your dreams yours with ease.





What’s a wedding without absolutely amazing food that leaves guests asking for more and more, just waiting for the next mouthwatering surprise to hit their taste buds? Israeli weddings are truly renowned for their colorful array of unique and delicious dishes and delectables, so every finger licking good second is a party in your mouth. Starting from your reception and welcome menu of appetizers, from sushi or shawarma stands, to endless salads, dips, spreads, veggie platters, hot tapas, fish, meat and really you name it, you’ll find guests just gawking and drooling over the outstanding range of gourmet food options your wedding can boast. And for the vegan and veggie couples, start your engines, because Israel is now one of the hottest destinations for high quality plant-based gourmet dishes, so vegan shawarma stands can make their mark and surprise even the most avid meat lovers.

Chew on this: everyone comes to show their respect to the bride and groom on their big day, so only seems ideal to spoil guests with a menu that puts a smile on everyone’s face, right? While we all love to focus on every aspect of making a wedding come together harmoniously, food is one of the biggest make or break factors for a guest’s experience of the event. So give them everything they could want and more with stunning main dish options like Moroccan fish, pastas freshly made and seasoned to perfection with sauces that are out of this world, and for the carnivores there’s nothing like the steaks or asado dishes to satisfy a rumbling tummy. Oh, and did someone say dessert? Hello world, and welcome to Israel, again. Our dessert options from malabi, to kadaif, to chocolate lava cakes, fondue, tropical fruit platters that look like a work of art, and of course wedding cake are all phenomena to rant about for hours.

Last but definitely not least, we like to have fun in Israel, so let’s start by asking what would you like to drink? Most times, Israeli weddings truly pamper guests with an outstanding selection of fine wines, liqueurs and spirits, unique local alcoholic beverages like Arak made of anise, Van Gogh’s flavored vodkas, and we appreciate the finer things in life – so bring out the Grey Goose and Glenfiddich and let’s get this party started! From reception drinks and aperitifs, to main course beverages and all the way to party shots, a winter wedding in Israel will get everyone’s taste buds soaring and feet moving at your and their pace. Whether you want subtle style and class, or a night that’ll leave everyone wondering how you two pulled off that party of a lifetime, get the bar selection you want and live every moment to the fullest.


Winter weddings in Israel will give you the opportunity to make your wedding vision a reality. With the support and guidance of a professional wedding planner, you’ll have exclusive access to service providers, venues and suppliers in high demand, industry expert advice on wedding planning, and the insights and knowledge on board that transform your wedding dreams into a magical reality.