wedding in israel

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married In Jerusalem

If you’re already thinking about getting married in our beautiful capital city, then you shouldn’t take much convincing. You probably already feel the city’s unique allure, that magical quality that you can’t quite explain. If you’ve been there, you’ll already know exactly what everyone is talking about. If you haven’t even considered it yet, now is the time to start. We mean it when we say top ten, because there are thousands of reasons why the Holy City is the perfect place to make your vows to your loved one. To make things simpler, we’ve compiled you a list of the best things we can say about Jerusalem, and the rest we’re sure you’ll find out once you get there.

  1. The Culture

Well, technically speaking the culture shouldn’t just be one point, because there are so many cultures that mix together to create the culture in Jerusalem. You’ll experience authentic Ethiopian restaurants, hypnotising Arabic music, and exciting Russian dancing all within the same block. A Jerusalem wedding is the culmination of the best aspects from every corner of the world uniting to create something special. The beauty of the city lies in the special way that all the individual cultures come together in joyous celebration.

wedding in israel

  1. The Scenery

In Jerusalem you’re guaranteed to see many things you’ve never seen before, and the breath-taking scenery takes a big part in that. If you get married in Jerusalem you can take in the view from the dazzling snow-capped mountains, from the magical ancient ruins, or from sleek and classy modern venues, but wherever you are, the view itself will be mind-blowing, we guarantee it. Walk through the beautiful Jerusalem stone that adorns every building in the city, and be sure to stay for sunset to see how the gold dazzles in the light.

  1. The History

Where do we start? The history of Jerusalem goes so far back it would take years for us to go through it all, but the wealth of historical events that occurred in this city can be felt in their entirety in just one moment as you step through one of the gates of the ‘old city’. Suddenly, the presence of the Romans and the Pagans, the Jews and the Muslims, from ancient Canaanites and all the way to you, can be felt simultaneously as you walk down the cobbled streets through the market. It is an experience unlike any other, and when you get married in Jerusalem, you become a part of this history, to be remembered for years to come.

  1. The Food

Can’t decide what to serve for your wedding? Well, the infinite choices you have in Jerusalem won’t make that decision much easier. But with the right help we trust you’ll pick the dish that’s right for you, and no matter what, it will be crazy delicious, completely authentic, and certainly something that will surprise your guests. Feasting is the best way to integrate your guests with the culture, history, and magnificence of Jerusalem, as well as a great way to bond and make memories. You’ll be thinking of the food for years to come, guaranteed!

  1. The Atmosphere

Maybe we should have put this one on the top of our list, because anyone who has ever been to Israel will tell you that the atmosphere in Jerusalem is the most special thing about this mesmerising city. The smells, the sights, the languages, and so many other aspects of the city combine to create a feeling unlike any other that is as captivating as it is addictive. What better place to get married than in a city that is just as excited and just as in love as you are.

wedding in israel

  1. The Weather

Forget what you thought you knew about Israeli summer, the oppressive 40 degree heat, the relentless humidity, all of it. Jerusalem is a world of its own where even in the height of the summer you’ll find a soft, gentle sun, cool breezes, and perfectly cosy nights. Unlike stereotypical Israeli weather where you spend the summer hiding in air conditioned buildings, the Jerusalem summer is ideal for going out in shorts or dresses, eating ice cream and enjoying cocktails. So don’t worry about sweating into your wedding outfit here.

  1. The Religious Significance

For many, this reason will be the first as Jerusalem is, of course, a hugely important religious location, not just for Judaism, but also for Christianity and Islam. It is a religious hub where millions of believers, admirers, or just the curious gather to pray together and learn together. Whether your wedding will be religious or not, the feeling of community and spirituality in this city is unparalleled, and will undoubtedly add something special to your day.

  1. The People

What can we say about the people of Jerusalem? There is no one word, or one trait that characterises them all, because what makes Jerusalem so special is the diversity, the combination, hugely different people from hugely different walks of life all brought together in this amazing city. In no other city will you find so many types of people all sharing their cultures and their communities with each other. It is the perfect place to bring your two completely different families together to create one new family, because that’s what Jerusalem is all about.

  1. The Surroundings

Jerusalem is an amazing place as a stand-alone location for your wedding. But why not explore the fantastic surrounding area? Take a day trip with your guests to the Dead Sea and float upon the therapeutic waters. Take a camel ride through the breath-taking desert. Jerusalem is just a short ride away from some of the most incredible places in the world, meaning your wedding need not be confined to the city, but can easily stretch to some vastly different and utterly amazing locations.

  1. The Magic

All the things we’ve mentioned above and millions of other things about Jerusalem come together to create one undeniable quality, and that is the magical feeling you get there. It’s the reason why there are endless songs and poems about the place, why for thousands of years people have been obsessed with it, there is simply something completely magical about this city that you cannot explain, you just have to feel. So for your wedding, why not invite your friends to come feel this uniquely incredible feeling with you?  A wedding is always a magical event, but you can make yours extra special by getting married in the most magical city in the world.

wedding in israel