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Wedding in Israel 2019- YOU are the BRAND

Your wedding day, your big special day! This event should be all about you as a couple and your story; taste, style, hobbies, things you like to eat, parties you like to attend, art you like to see and more!

Our belief is that there is no need for a logo or brand. YOU are the BRAND. We can find the best vendors that reflect you and are the best fit for you. You shouldn’t worry about finding the most popular or best in the industry. You should pick who best helps show yourselves as a couple in the venue, decor and on the plate.


Festival Of Your Love

Say Hello to Desert and Diamonds, Campfires and Corsets, Waistcoats and Wine! Your Burning Man wedding awaits!

You’re in the middle of the desert. The sun is setting, your favorite dance song is playing, and you’re staring deep into the eyes of the love of your life, reminiscing the exact moment you met. Bring that Burning Man magic to your wedding with a enchanted desert vibe.

Transport the desert around you to a whole new dimension with the color scheme of bold cobalt and orange hues, including fire sculptures and art. An array of rugs and floor cushions are used, utilizing some of the fabric and décor of a Burning Man camp. This could be the festival of your love that you’ve always imagined!

Where the mountains are visible from afar and only miles and miles of sand lay ahead. Succumb to glitter. and dust. in fact, embrace them. The world is pretty much made of it anyway. The most important thing is that your friends and families are there to celebrate Burning Man with you, and see the fire of your love. This will be a true once in a lifetime experience for all.

Wedding in Israel

Your Indian Color Explosion

Show off the explosion of colour and happiness that is your beautiful and exciting relationship. Get ready for a outdoor house party, with every color under the rainbow, floor pillows, hookahs and henna tattoos. Vivid and lively, this is the décor to go for if you want to get all of your guests in the spirit of the celebration reliving your trip to India!

The space is like going on a treasure hunt, complete with secret spots, rooms filled with mismatched antiques, and multi-colors painted on the walls. A mix of vibrant hues from cobalt blue and burgundy red, to rich pinks and buttery yellows are all tied together flawlessly by an array of unique candle holders and lanterns.

Your favourite cuisine is full of colour and spice, making the taste buds of your guests ignite! Infuse the color and texture in the desserts too with mini strawberry shortcakes, pumpkin spice pies, mini caramel apples and topped off with a rainbow donut tower.

Which girl hasn’t dreamt of being a royal Indian princess living in a grand fort and getting married in regal style to her soulmate? If you’re opting for the Royal Rajasthan theme this wedding season, remember it’s all in those colorful details!

The Vintage Family Garden

Just like your amazing life together, vintage style never goes out of fashion!  This is your time to show off your old-time love and classic movie-star romance with the vintage wedding of your dreams.=

You’re loving everything about this wedding inspiration, from the rustic wooden signs to the pastel floral designs. At long last, bring on the lace explosion! Nostalgic and romantic, lace is the number one choice for the vintage bride. There are plenty of ways to tie in a touch of lace into your vintage wedding. Lace and sequin bunting and paper lanterns are hung from the top of the open marquee. Vintage family props including your old suitcases, ornate mirrors, grandma’s candlesticks, bikes and family photographs are dotted around the special event.

With the vision of having a backyard wedding vibe, combine all the rustic elements with the spectacular garden scenery. Bring together all of your family and friends, eating on your favourite china antique dinner-set. His favourite old music and her favourite flowers, this throwback classical day will be beautiful and personal.

The Setlist Of Your Souls!

This is the soundtrack to your day! Since music is the language of the soul, this rock and roll design is perfect for you and your duet partner! Music is often the common thread weaving together a relationship and all those that surround them! A Rock n Roll couple to the core, music can easily play a huge part in your day, and the music sounds better with your love by your side!

Use your favourite vinyls for placemats, centerpieces, background, favors or decor on the whole. Musical instrument cases can be used for displaying favors, cards or even for your bar. Take it back to the basics and create everything you wanted for you and your guests, one big banging concert! Hand out t-shirts from your favourite bands, whip out your air guitars and karaoke away!

Rock on down the aisle with lots of red, black and silver colors. Showcare your favourite lyrics and have everyone drink your favourite beer. Remember, the one he spilt on you at your first gig together? Cocktail hour can be a custom list of your favourite electric violin covers! Get ready for this exclusive VIP show!

(Don’t forget, the same goes for all of your music tastes!)




So whether you are reliving your first festival together, re-experiencing your trip to India, showing off your old souls or rocking out again to your favourite music, the possibilities are endless!

Let this day be all that YOU are as a couple, let it bring your relationship and your love to life. Showcasing to all of your family and friends, just how true your love is. One look at you and it will all make sense to them.

Begin your lives together reminiscing all the experience that led you to your future.

Because we promise you, YOU are the BRAND.