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Wedding Planner In Israel - FAQ

One decision to celebrate in Israel has been made, therefore many questions will arise.

We’re here to find the best solution to your desires.

Let’s keep this part simple.

  • Why use an event planner?

Event planners make lives stress-free and enjoyable as they cater to the needs of the client and carry difficulty for you. We match expectations and guide you through all stages to meet the customer’s highest satisfaction levels. Choosing the right event planner makes the process easier and increases self-assurance knowing our clients are in good hands.

Soon enough you’ll realize that having that partner makes the entire process a lot of fun. Event planners who hold recognized experience and attain long and consistent relationships with subcontractors is the safest way to plan a successful and magical event.

  • What are the terms of payment in the event Industry in Israel?

When signing a contract with a planner, usually you will be asked to transfer a down payment of 30% from the total amount. The balance payment of 70% will be paid the day of the event or up to three days after the event, it all depends on terms agreed upon your contract.

  • Food/Catering/Bar: kosher / non-kosher?

There are many food caterers and bar service providers in Israel who hold kosher certificates or who cater as a “Kosher style” with a non-certified kosher menu. It all depends on what our client desires as we assist the finest menus from a Glatt kosher menu can be provided as well.

  • Choosing a Venue (Garden / Hall / Hotel / Nature/ Beach etc.) How to do it from Israel and from abroad?

With all the experience and past knowledge we hold, choosing a location without coming to Israel is easier than ever. We provide the best images of your favorite locations in order to give you the exact vision of where your next happening will take place. Once the concept of the event is set, it is very common to take 2-3 days off to visit Israel as we introduce you to the different venues we have to offer.

  • What are the steps in building an event in Israel, and how to choose the sub-suppliers for the event?

You have decided to celebrate in Israel? Excellent!
The first thing will be to decide on a date. Choosing a venue, catering and bar services are three main things at every event. We will design “save the date” and send it by email to your guests list (if necessary).While building the concept of the event, we will provide you with a list of subcontractors suitable for the event. An architectural sketch of the venue with the seating map and decoration will be presented for your approval. If you choose to arrive to Israel for a few days to finalize the details, we will arrange and accompany you to meet all subcontractors such as florist, testing menu, photographer, venue designers etc.

We believe in working together as partners every step of the way in planning and sharing thoughts, ideas and decisions.

  • When it comes to wedding event will you help with the rabbinate registration?

Of course, we will accompany you in every step of the wedding organization and will take care of the Rabbinate necessary registration forms.

  • Event Bar / Bat Mitzvah – Can you take care of training and writing the sermon of the mitzvah?

We take care of preparing children of the mitzvah ceremony – both the traditional ceremony and training relevant content.

  • Are you managing the actual event?

We do not take more than one event a day and no more than three a week. We are present in person and never send representatives acting on our behalf. We believe that managing and constructing the event is the only way to success. It is important for us to make sure things are planned along the way just as you please.

  • What additional services do you provide?

Aside from planning and producing the event we take care of all the arrangements related to the event such as: Hotel bookings, trips around the country for the family and friends coming from abroad or any other requests you will have.

We would love to be a part of your event organization!

You are welcome to contact us with any question without any obligation. We will be happy to help, advise and assist. We are always available and guarantee professional responses.